Project Info

8 weeks

My Role

Sole UX Designer and UX Researcher
working with CEO, engineer and PM
Polygon Health is an AI-powered tool that allows rare disease patients to access their health records and insights, all in one place.

Designing a marketplace that connects patients to health insights and clinical trials.

Competitive Analysis
  • Provide users an easy and valuable way to find insights on their critical conditions and match them with clinical trials
  • Make health data tools more approachable and trustworthy
  • Utlimately, grow product user base
The Final Solution

Navigating the constraints of a startup

Polygon Health is small, and operates within an emerging market that doesn’t have clear
bounds yet.

Some constraints approaching the project were:
  • User base of patients with rare conditions
  • Rough product state (MVP)
  • Tickets will be manually reviewed to start off
  • Data privacy and user trust
  • User accessibility (health and tech literacy)
  • No user research pipeline

Analyzing and building out the Marketplace feature

A diagram of how the marketplace feature works within the app.

Designing and developing the form feature

After ideating the different components that will make this experience, I explored a couple of different ways users could get matched to a trial.

Final solution to successfully match patients with trials and data

The Carousel Concept was our winning concept,
due to the contextual information and
smoother usability.

Measuring success: 3 major changes

After launch, I took the initiative to design and conduct my own observation and A/B testing on our user group to see if the solutions were effective.

Testing revealed several changes to make.

Feature is released to public

How did users respond?

North Star Ideas

Here are some future directions for the product focused around better form submissions and other use cases.